NIKKI - Sexy Underwater Nubian Female - Page One

CREATED April 16,1998 05:05:05 PM EDT

These pages are dedicated to Nikki, a phenomenally beautiful Nubian female who looks FABULOUS underwater.

One of the details I can tell you about the session is that Nickie informed me that she loves to be underwater that is why she did this session and that she never wears nose plugs. She did have a more difficult time though than she thought being it had been a long time since she was underwater and that she said that she was able to do more stunts before underwater. On some of these pics you can notice that she was having some difficulty the reason being was that the pool water was bothering her eyes [the water was on the acid side] so I decided to stop the session or I would have had more videos and pics of her.

- - - - - - WK

I thank WK for sharing these wonderful photos with me to share with you.

Enjoy....... :)

Nikki enters the pool in a cloud of bubblesNikki Enters The Pool In A Cloud Of Bubbles Nikki SwimmingNikki Swims....

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