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If you wish to learn more about the sensuality of underwater love, then you are on the best page.... Enjoy being wet!

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5 Tips to make Love Underwater

Making love underwater is a unique experience. But you have to find the right method and not be seen.
Don't panic! Here are some tips to apply for each swim in good company.

The Vaccum Effect

To limit as much as possible the vaccum effect, make sure to be totally immersed in the water (except the head!)

The Condom

Be sure to place & remove the above water. Be careful though, chlorine or salt can break the condom.

Best Position

Your partner doesn't have to hold you in their arms. Use the edge of the pool or a rock to hold on to.

Not seen or known

Get into the breaststroke position & start swimming. As you spread your legs, it's up to your partner. Thrills guaranteed..

Avoid the fine!

If you're caught, it's a $15k fine. Choose a small cove or move away from the shore. The best shot on earth is not worth that...

What it feels like to make love in water

Many people fantasize about making love to their partner while underwater. Here are the different places where you can have sex in the water.

The bathtub: Fill it with water & a little aromatic oil, play relaxing music & light some candles. The good thing about having sex in the bathtub is that it will bring you comfort and relaxation. If you are looking for a romantic and sensual sex session, this is the perfect place for you & your partner.

The Shower: although not as comfortable as in the bathtub, the shower is a highly recommended place, especially for couples looking to revitalize their sex life, as it will "force" you to try new positions, avoiding the classics as the missionary. Take a shower with your partner and enjoy a very sexy and exciting sexual relationship. 

The Jacuzzi: if you have one, whether in a hotel room or in a private spa session, you can enjoy one of the most powerful water sex sessions. In addition to being a place that creates a sensual atmosphere, the jets and bubbles of the jacuzzi are ideal for stimulating your body.

The Sea: We've all fantasized about jumping into the sea water and playing pranks on our partner. Being surrounded by people and the risk of getting caught can be very exciting for some. Get in the water and stand face to face with your partner, as if you were talking, but really making love. Do you dare?

The Pool: The positive aspects of this place are the same as in the sea water, that is to say, bold sex and very exciting to be in a public place. However, the advantage of the pool is that you won't come out full of sand or sticky. But don't forget that pool water is usually more transparent than sea water, so... Be wise! 

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